J2 builds stylish homes with a minimal environmental footprint and low embodied energy for conscious clients.

For every build, J2 ensures that through systems, processes, material choice and design input; that clients are building homes that are as environmentally sensitive as possible.

Years of experience, ongoing professional development, personal passion and experimentation with their own properties combine to make this a genuine speciality for J2. Plus back in 2012-2014, Jacques retrained in natural building techniques to ensure he had all the skills needed to deliver your eco home.

By applying sustainability credentials, natural building techniques, permaculture principles and technological innovation at competitive prices, J2 specialises in delivering quality, sustainable housing without sacrificing architectural finish.

Pencilwood Farm

We can build with a variety of environmentally friendly methods and approaches.

No. 1

Recycled materials

From salvaging, upcycling and restoring materials found onsite, to sourcing truly unique recycled timbers- J2 is happy to track down recycled materials for environmental and aesthetic gains.

No. 2

Environmental standards, ratings & certification

Drivers for environmental certification range from BASIX compliance, bush-fire resilience, to the pursuit of ambitious green star ratings to fit with your sustainable lifestyle goals. Whatever the motivation, J2 has the ambition, knowledge and curiosity to deliver it for you.

No. 3

Natural building

From strawbale, to rammed earth to hempcrete construction, J2 would be thrilled to deliver your sustainable home without sacrificing any of the architectural details they are known for.

No. 4

Energy & water systems

Energy efficiency is a key component of any eco-build. Solar panels and battery storage, grey-water recycling systems, passive solar design principles and a consciousness of the life cycle impacts of all materials and systems are applied.

Feature project

South Coast

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