J2 works for leading architects and inspired clients to deliver their creative vision down to the last detail.

J2 has worked hard to cement our reputation as specialists in architectural builds for the South Coast. Dream builds that test the envelope of what’s possible with materials, design and engineering are our bread and butter.

Architectural building regularly tests the limits of materials, engineering and creativity. Confidence in quoting, specifying, advising and communicating is needed to navigate the unknown. Navigating the tensions between price, speed and quality is what J2 does best.

What makes a master builders award winning house…
Team work

A truely collaborative process.

Building at this level means respecting the details, being open minded, flexible and totally on the front foot with communication.

We have worked with some of the leading architects of this generation and are trusted for working seamlessly between the architect and client to integrate creative vision with technical skill.

We excel at solving complex problems through collaboration- just don’t ask us about paint colours!

What makes a master builders award winning house…


We have had the pleasure of working with these incredible local and nationally significant architects.

Feature project

Woodhill Mountain

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